Carmella N. George, MPA became a VA Accredited Claims Agent following a successful career in municipal government. During involvement with VA claims of various family members, Carmella became intimately familiar with the VA claims process. She has advised hundreds of veterans on their claims since 2009. She is a 2007 graduate of Wake Forest University and obtained her MPA from UNC Wilmington in 2010. She completed her certificate in Military And Veterans Health, Policy And Advocacy from William & Mary Law School in 2018 where she has been formally trained in veterans law and advocacy. She is the CEO of Jacksonville Veterans Disability Services.


Carmella is passionate about helping veterans win their claims and looks forward to assisting as many veterans as possible. She regularly does webinars and trainings regarding veterans benefits. As the proud daughter of a disabled Vietnam Veteran, Carmella understands the profound impacts military service can have upon a veteran's health. She is a sustaining member of the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates (NOVA).

Carmella founded the Facebook Group Veterans VA Disability Claims, C & P Exams & Nexus letter Assistance which boasts 30K+ members as well as the Veterans Disability Blog which informs over 3K veteran readers a month. If you are interested in Mrs. George's representation please see the 'Forms and Fees' section of this site.

What is a VA Accredited Claims Agent?

Generally, for anyone to assist another with a specific claim for VA benefits – even if it is being done free of charge – he/she must be accredited by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Assistance includes preparation, presentation, and prosecution of a specific claim for benefits. VA Accreditation for claim agents requires a rigorous examination and background check and means that an individual can provide responsible, qualified representation of a claimant(veteran).

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