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JVDS Client Intake Status & Referral List 
| JVDS has maxed out current client capacity |
*Dates for the next client intake open enrollment period are subject to change to earlier or later dates based on client capacity at that time.  
The JVDS team will update this intake status message regularly and accordingly, so check back periodically for updates.
 Outside Representation Sources: Accredited VA Advocates w/ New Client Openings
JVDS intake is currently closed, yet we do still care about your case and wish to assist you in finding another representative. To that end, the following is a list of outside partner VA-accredited representatives that are currently accepting new clients.
The below-listed non-JVDS accredited VA representatives are only provided as a courtesy to you.
JVDS makes no performance nor outcome representations or guarantees of any outside claim service.
Jacksonville Veterans Disability Services (JVDS) strives to be as transparent as possible with our costs.
JVDS is a worldwide VA-accredited disability advocacy service representing Veterans denied service-connected benefits for injuries and illnesses caused or aggravated by their service. There is no out-of-pocket cost to the Veteran all fees are contingent on the successful adjudication of your service-connected disability claim. Upon successfully recovering past-due benefits, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will deduct 20% from your final award as payment to JVDS for services rendered.  
You Only Pay Your VA Disability Claims Agent If We Win:
  • We no longer handle initial claims. Remember, no one can ever charge you for an initial claim filing. That is unlawful. 
  • No Recovery, No Fee: You only pay Jacksonville Veterans Disability Services (JVDS) if we successfully adjudicated your denied claim or if a clear and unmistakable error is found. If you do not obtain an increase in Veterans Disability Benefits, you don’t owe JVDS a penny.
  • Our Fee is 20% of the amount we recover. Some VA disability lawyers do charge more. Your fee will come straight from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to the agent. You won’t have to pay your fee directly out-of-pocket unless the VA fails to withhold the proper fee.
  • The 20% fee is a ONE-time payment. There are NO reoccurring monthly fees.
  • Some cases can be taken as a flat fee decided in the beginning by the veteran and agent. This is available in limited circumstances and only in certain types of cases. (An example: claims where the veteran is already 100% disabled but still needs assistance on some issue.)
  • Other Fees: Sometimes, we must hire experts to win clients’ VA disability claims. Those fees are only paid if your claim is successful. Usually, the reports needed by experts don’t cost that much, and we always get the client’s permission before any case expenses are added to your case. Other examples of possible expenses are if we have to travel for a hearing and if we have to do heavy printing and faxing for your case. If your claim is not successful, you do not have to repay a penny of your case expenses.
In order for VA Claims Agent Carmella George to represent you in your claim and when you are fully ready to enroll in our services and execute our 20% contingency fee agreement, begin the intake process anytime securely and electronically hereCLICK HERE FOR JVDS' NEW CLIENT INTAKE SYSTEM LINK.
If you should still have ANY question(s) about our processes or the electronic intake system, please email us before completing the form. Should you encounter any issues with the JVDS electronic intake system, please email us as well. You will receive our new client welcome letter with our process and next steps once you submit the electronic intake process.
After the forms are signed by the agent and returned to the VA, it will take 2-4 weeks for the VA to grant your agent access to your records electronically. At that point, your agent will be able to file claims on your behalf. 
👉🏿 New Client Intake System: Click here to complete the JVDS intake form & fee agreement electronically 👈🏿
NOTE: Our two paper intake forms which mirror the electronic forms are located below.  These two forms ONLY need to be fully completed and returned by email to or by fax to 910-679-6612 if can NOT submit the electronic form. 
Please review the below paper forms if you wish to read all terms and conditions of our services before submitting the electronic intake forms.
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