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We Offer VA Accredited Benefits & Disability Claims + Appeals Representation Services

    When you serve you deserve your earned benefits. You might already know that the US Department of Veterans Affairs offers monthly, non-taxable benefits for veterans with service-related disabilities. You’ve also probably found that getting those VA benefits can be a pretty complicated process. The VA disability claims system and laws are complex. Jacksonville Veterans Disability Services' VA accredited claims agents advocate actively and relentlessly for our clients in efforts to win service-related disability compensation.


   Jacksonville Veterans Disability Services(JVDS) represents veterans seeking rating increases or whose claims are unjustly denied. JVDS has veteran clients located worldwide. As a matter of fact, a large majority of JVDS clients are served virtually as they reside in all 50 states and all around the world. Our claims agents are accredited by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to prepare, present and prosecute VA disability claims and appeals.


We proudly partner with a large network of medical providers who are qualified by VA standards to provide independent medical opinions for our clients. Some of our partner providers are even former VA C&P examiners. Many times an independent medical opinion is needed in order to support your claims and appeals that have been unfairly denied.


The JVDS team will work with you to develop detailed, winning arguments in your case and then properly present these arguments and the evidence to the VA or BVA.

We provide VA Disability Claim and Appeals Representation + Veterans Advocacy Consulting 

Our Services
Rating Increase Claims, CLaim Accuracy Requests, Personal Hearings & More

JVDS delivers skilled, professional, and effective representation for veterans in the VA disability claims processes at the VA regional office level. The different types of VA disability claims situations we handle include VA claims for rating increases, claim accuracy requests(CARs), regional office personal hearing representation, VA proposals to reduce or sever a rating, stand-alone claims for permanent & total(P&T) status from a 100% scheduler rating, survivor benefits claims and pre-claim consulting for veterans who wish to handle their own cases.


Unlike other companies and firms that represent veterans, many veterans appreciate JVDS's policy to not prolong any veteran's case or claim any longer than necessary. 

PLEASE NOTE: JVDS no longer handles initial VA claims. An initial claim is the 1st claim ever filed by a veteran for compensation.

VA & BVA Appeals, BVA Hearings + Clear & Unmistakable Errors (CUE)

JVDS provides experienced and attentive representation for denied VA claim appeals at the regional office level and at the board of veterans appeals. This includes representation in all stages of supplemental claims, higher-level reviews(with or without informal conferences), and for all available lanes of appeal at the BVA.


Our BVA work also includes providing representation for BVA Hearings. We can provide representation for your BVA appeal or BVA hearing on very short notice.


JVDS skillfully represents veterans in cases of Clear and Unmistakable Error(CUE) before both the VA and BVA.


Our core philosophy includes maximizing our client's benefits as quickly we can. We approach each case strategically. Thousands of veterans have appreciated our zealous advocacy on their behalf in their VA appeals.

Veterans Law & Policy Consulting Services +
VA Advocacy Training

JVDS offers top-notch consulting, services for individuals as well as for businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations.  We regularly train and accept speaking engagements on veterans law, policy and benefits topics as well as VA policy, systems, and procedure-related topics.


JVDS staff will craft a custom consulting offering to meet any need. Our staff has successfully advised and trained many accredited VSOs, attorneys, and VA claims agents on a wide range of matters.


You can visit for more on aspiring as well as current VA claims agent and veteran service officer(VSO) training, VA OGC accreditation examination preparation materials, and various other VA advocate coaching offerings online.


“The staff is very thorough in finding ways to increase your rate percentage. I highly recommend this agency in processing your claim and get results!”

T. Jackson
Spouse of Veteran

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