Worldwide VA Benefits & Disability Claims 
Representation and Consulting Services

    When you serve you deserve…your benefits. It’s a simple fact. You probably know that the Department of Veterans Affairs offers monthly, non-taxable benefits for vets with service-related disabilities. You’ve also probably found that getting those VA benefits can be complicated and difficult. Jacksonville Veterans Disability Services' VA accredited claims agent Carmella George works hard and usually successfully to win your service-related disability Veteran’s Benefits for you.


    We know that the events you have faced can leave psychological and physical scars that may be permanent or take years to heal, and our job is to make sure you get the benefits you earned for your service. Jacksonville Veterans Disability Services exists to represent veterans who need to file for disability or whose claims have been unfairly denied. We serve veterans worldwide. We are officially accredited by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to prepare, present and prosecute your VA disability claim.

Our Services

Supplemental Claims & Claims For Increase

We represent veterans at all stages of the VA disability claims process except for initial claims(the first time you file). We have great relationships with many different medical providers who can provide a nexus letter to support your claim.

Denied VA Claim Appeals & Clear Errors (CUEs)

We specialize in VA Disability Claim Appeals(Supplemental claims, Higher Level Reviews and BVA Appeals) and CUEs. We will work to win your appeal or clear and unmistakable error as soon as we accept the case.

Veterans Benefits Consulting & VA Accreditation Training

We provide a wide range of custom consulting services on veterans benefits.

See vaclaimsagent.com for online VA claims agent and VSO accreditation training.


“The staff is very thorough in finding ways to increase your rate percentage. I highly recommend this agency in processing your claim and get results!”

T. Jackson
Spouse of Veteran