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How To Answer those QTC Questionnaires before your VA C&P Examination

..So you’ve finally received notice of your C&P exam in the mail or by phone or email and it’s through a VA contractor company called QTC. QTC is a legit company that has been around for quite some time (Other known companies are LHI and VES.) It is essential to the success of your claim that you attend the appointment(s).

Likely, included with your exam notice in the mail from QTC is a questionnaire or set of questionnaires asking questions about the conditions you claimed. Answering the questionnaire is very close to just as important as attending the exam. The doctor uses what you write to gauge the history and severity of your condition. The questionnaire is your chance to tell your story whereas there may not be time during the exam for you to explain every detail. Take advantage of this opportunity. You will be asked for the questionnaire first thing when you enter the exam facility.

The questions are usually simple and go something like this:

  1. Date the condition started?

  2. History of the condition?

  3. The course of the condition: Has it gotten better or worse?

  4. Functional limitations(work limitations) the condition causes?

  5. What is a flare-up of the condition like?

We suggest that you answer in as much detail as possible. Give the doctor or one of his scribes as much information to work with as possible. If you have your c-file(claims folder) the. Go back and document the exact history of the condition but if not do the best you can from memory. Your answers should be more than one sentence and very thorough.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore the questionnaire or put it off til the day of the exam. Start filling it out when you get it. The exercise of filling out the questions will likely help jog your memory which will help you better prepare for the exam. Bottom line: treat the questionnaire like a letter from the IRS and handle it likewise!

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