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Where To Find A Veterans VA Disability Nexus Letter? Doctors Who Do Independent Medical Opinions &#0

For as central as a nexus letter is to a veterans claim it can be very difficult to locate a doctor or medical professional who will complete the needed documentation for your VA claim. There are various reasons for this such as some doctors not wanting to take on the liability but to assist you better I’ve decided to put together a list of known places to get a nexus letter or DBQ completed.

Let me say in advance that this is not going to come without cost. You have to pay for the physicians time but there is a reasonable limit. Also, we have not vetted this list so use any service at your own risk. This is simply a list of available resources.

List of Veterans DBQ, Nexus Letters & Independent Medical Opinion Services:

  1. Dr. John Ellis, MD:

  2. Various Doctors:

  3. MedConnectVA:

  4. Dr. Craig Bash, MD:

  5. Dr. Brett Valette, Psychologist:

  6. Dr. Thomas Seiter, MD:

  7.  Dr. Cook, MD:

  8. Various Doctors:

  9. Dr. Mark Northern, Psychologist:

  10. Dr. Victoria A. Cassano, MD:

  11. Various Doctors:

  12. Dr. David Anaise, MD:

  13. Arrica Canty RN, BSN, CLNC:

  14. Dr. Leah Wingeart:

  15. Dr. Fred Nolen, Psychologist:

  16. Dr. Q. Austin-Small, Psychologist:

  17. Various Doctors:

  18. Star Medical Clinic:

  19. Various Doctors: REE Medical

  20. Various Doctors: Mednick Associates

  21. Brian Hill, PA, PHD, VA-PAC

  22. Dr. Mitchell or Dr. Parman, MD:

  23. Various Doctors:

 Dr. Robert Moering, Psy.D., Florida Psychological & Forensic Services LLC

 Dr. Roy Etheridge, Ph.D., Psychologist,

Dr. Suzanne Best, Ph.D., Psychologist,

Dr. Mitchell, MD, Georgia Area

Dr Dezmond Sumter, MD, SC Area

Veterans Medical Assistance Group, Various Doctors, San Antonio, Tx area,

  1. Dr. Nicole Edwards, MD:

  2.  Dr. Todd Finnerty, Psy.D, | Columbus, Ohio area |

  3. Dr. Mohommad Ghouri – Columbus, GA – (will do sleep apnea secondary to PTSD.)

  4.  Psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Allen, MD of Durham NC.

  5. Leah Bucholz, PA.  Rick Levada and Krystal Broughton, PAs- San Antonio, Tx of Prestige World Wide Medical Consulting

…More to come as additional providers are discovered!

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